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Residents fed up with unsightly overgrown property on Cleveland's west side

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jun 19, 2018

Complaint after complaint, folks who live on West 98th street in Cleveland say they feel like no one is listening. They want something done about what they call an overgrown, unsightly and now pest-ridden property on their street. 

"I can sit on my porch at night and watch the raccoons and the possums and the skunks run around it," nearby neighbor John Godzich, said. 

Godzich said the neighborhood has been complaining and complaining to the city and seemingly falling on deaf ears. 

But as it turns out, it's not the city who's directly responsible. 

We found the home and yard is actually RealLife Cleveland LLC's problem. According to Cuyahoga County Property Sales and Permits, they own the property.

So, News 5 went to the address listed for them in Fairview Park and learned it was just the attorney's office that just set up their LLC — Russo and Associates. 

News 5 was told that the owner of the property on West 98th lives in Israel. Their name was not shared, but an employee said they would forward the concerns on to their client. 

Not exactly the answer 60-year resident John Godzich was looking for; "Nothing gets done! Nothing ever!"

Godzich said he's watched the area go downhill and said he's had it with the overgrown properties on his street. 

"Fix it! I pay my property taxes, I keep my yard up. I don't know why they can't do their end," Godzich said.

A city of Cleveland spokesperson said the city will clean up the property and cut the grass, even though they aren't responsible for it, and then cite and charge the property owner. 

News 5 will follow-up with them and the owner in Israel if we hear back from their attorney.