Street where house exploded 'keeps getting worse and worse,' say residents

EAST CLEVELAND - Residents living in the area of E. 125th, where the deadly house explosion happened last week, say the neighborhood has been riddled with crime for years. 

"They're robbing each other and stealing out of houses," said Cheryl Daniel. "Crack, coke, pills, powder, weed, molly, you name it. It's the hood." 

She said at least 25 homes are abandoned here. 

"It just keeps getting worse and worse," she said.

Just a few days after the house explosion, five other homes caught fire down the street. The cause is still unknown, but firefighters had a tough time battling the blaze at the time due to a lack of water. 

Daniel said she doesn't know what can be done to stop all the problems in the area and says for now, all she can do is just try to be as careful as possible.

"I am home and in my bed by 8 o'clock," she said.






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