RNC protest group, denied permit, compromises with Cleveland

City will open up Mall A for rally
Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 11, 2016

Two protest group leaders marched up Cleveland's City Hall steps Monday to work towards a compromise.

The group, The Coalition to Stop Trump, is an out of state anti-Trump organization, and according to the official letter from the city, was initially denied a permit because their group planned protest routes that do not follow the city's plans and interfere with traffic.

One of the Coalition's leaders, Mick Kelly, told NewsChannel 5 thousands are expected to head to Cleveland next week.

"We have people coming from Los Angeles, Minnesota. Buses have be chartered and people are planning on marching," Kelly said.

Mick Kelly and Tom Burke, two of the leaders of The Coalition to Stop Trump, made the special trip to Cleveland to meet with city leaders and work out a compromise.

Their parade permit was denied- citing traffic interference and straying from the official route.

Tom Burke and Mick Kelly said they feel a permit or an agreement with is necessary for a "family-friendly" demonstration.

"The kind of thing anyone can come to," Kelly said.

After waiting a week, and meeting with the city twice Monday, they came to an agreement.

"The city opened up Mall A for us to hold our rally...We are happy with today's outcome where the City opened up a park for us to use as a rallying area that can hold thousands," Tom Burke said.