RTA: Rail service returns Monday morning

Posted at 9:36 PM, Mar 10, 2016

UPDATE: Rail service returned to normal Monday morning.


All rail service east of Tower City was under repair through Sunday, March 13, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority said in an earlier statement. 

RTA said due to a fire that impacted overhead power lines of the GCRTA, RTA buses replaced all trains east of Tower City for part of the day on Thursday and through the weekend. It included the Red, Blue and Green lines. 

Red Line service west of Tower City, and Waterfront Line service, were not affected, RTA said. 

On Friday, Blue and Green Line replacement buses (#67R) served all Blue and Green Line stations except East 34th, East 55th, and East 79th. These buses also stoped at the Woodland/East 79th intersection.

Red Line replacement buses (#66R) served all east side Red Line stations, including East 34th Station, East 55th Station, and the East 79th Red Line Station (at Woodland/East 79th intersection).

Service east of Tower City was suspended around 7:30 a.m. Thursday, when a fire ignited a section of the RTA overhead signal wire. The fire was extinguished by Cleveland Fire, and no one was injured, RTA said. Passengers on two trains were evacuated to the rail platforms and continued their trip on replacement buses. Other customers who had not boarded trains at the time of the shutdown were served by replacement buses along the rail routes.

Several thousand feet of overhead may need to be replaced in the area of East 55th Street, RTA reported. The overhead supplies power to the trains and signal systems.