Some downtown businesses are closing Wednesday for the parade, others are staying open

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 17:40:01-04

As half a million Cleveland Cavalier fans are expected downtown Wednesday for the team's championship parade, downtown businesses are preparing for the big event too.

“There was no thought or hesitation that went in that," said Vince Thomson, co-found of Ideastream Consumer Products. "We’re closing down the building.”

Thomson's business is located on Huron Road, just steps from the Q arena. He is giving his 20 employees the day off Wednesday.

But others, like Restore Cold Pressed juice and smoothie bar on Huron Road, are stocking up and staffing up. The store relies on foot traffic for sales so the staff is looking forward to the potential boost in profits.

“We’ll be open all day," said Adam Wright, Restore's owner. "We’re going to have a lot of the players’ favorites on tap. So we’ll be serving all day.”

Wright said Restore is a popular place for Cavs players.

“From about 10-4 o’clock, the doctor has an appointment scheduled tomorrow," said Margaret Smith, manager at Jerold Optical on Huron Road.

Smith's store will remain open as she said some of the patients will be parade goers. But one of her employees worries about parking. Other downtown employees share her concern.

“It’s either parking down a half hour away or seeing if I can find somebody to drive me," said Liz Baginski.

Baginski worries that parking prices will be very high, so she expects to park far away and walk at least a half hour to work.

Larger companies like PNC Bank and Medical Mutual said they are allowing their employees to work from home. PNC branches will be open. Both companies said they will allow any employees that do come to work to attend the parade.

The Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame will remain open.