Son finds mother's stolen vehicle after she was carjacked at gunpoint on Mother's Day

Posted at 9:18 PM, Jun 01, 2017

Retired school teacher Ada Martin, 67, feared for her life on Mother’s Day.
She had just pulled into her driveway on Cleveland’s east side, when a man stuck a gun in her face and carjacked her.
She said the man told her to give him the keys, because he didn’t want to have to kill her.
Her Buick Enclave was a gift from her sons. Now the SUV was gone.
But, nearly three weeks later, what police couldn't find, Martin's son did. He happened to drive by the vehicle at East 139 and Melzer Avenue, five minutes from Martin's house.
Martin's daughter Cindy Corbin said she was awestruck, when her brother found the SUV Thursday afternoon.
“My brother said he was riding by and he backed up, and he pulled up and sure enough it was my mother's vehicle,” Corbin said.
As police processed the SUV and had it towed to be fingerprinted, Martin's daughter said she hopes the gun toting robber and his accomplice are found soon.
“I really hope they find the two guys that carjacked my mother and did this to her. I hope they find them and bring them to justice, so that this can be closure for my mother,” Corbin said.