South Euclid market closes after 73 years of business

It's one of the longest running businesses
Posted at 6:55 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 18:55:28-04

Slice the last bit of salami, and cut the last few rolls of bread.

“It's about homemade traditional stuff," said David Serkey, a customer at Alesci's today as he grabbed one of the last pints of tomato sauce.

This is the last Thursday local market in South Euclid will ever see after being in business for more than 70 years.

"I just had to check it out one more time, and I wanted my son to at least try the food once,” said Matt Simmerson said after picking up his homemade lasagna.

Also since they announced they're closing early this week, customers have been stocking up, all the while not being able to hold back their nostalgia of the family Italian market.

Teresa Nichols remembers her mom sending her to the store when she was just a little girl. 

"I lived in South Euclid for 60 years, in the same house and this is where we came to get anything Italian," she said.

"It was like walking into home," said Judy Brizolara.

Her and her cousin Mary Ann Brizolara travel an hour just to shop.

"This is not available in a lot of places in our area, we live in Vermilion there's just nothing like that" Mary Ann said.

They got choked up over the sauce.

"I knew I was going to cry, because the first time I tasted it it was like I had my Nana back, because their recipe is exactly like my Nana's recipe," Judy said asked her eyes started to fill with tears.

Being a symbol of family, is the main component Anthony Alesci wanted to have when he came over from Sicily and opened his Italian market back in 1943.

"He wanted a taste of home, as he knew as a young boy growing up," said Marc Alesci, 4th Generation co-owner.

His father and co-owner, Tony Alesci, remembers being in the shop even before he could read and write well.

"This not a job, this is the style of living," he said.

Seventy three years and four generations of sons later, The staple in the community has survived many recessions and seeing their share of changing tides.

"Oh yeah of course there's numerous businesses that have come and gone...I know long is running businesses in South Eucild," Mr. Alesci said.

And now it's time for them to retire.

"Yeah it's been a long time but Frank's ready to retire, my dad's ready to slow down a little bit and I'm ready to move on, start something new," his son said.

Making it so hard for faithful customers to say goodbye.

"It's a shame, it's like we discovered a gem, and now it's going to be gone," Brizolara said.

Mark Alesci, the youngest owner plans to downsize and move a similar version of the Italian shop to a different location, the start date of that is still unknown. 

Alesci's final day will be this Saturday August, 27.