Strong possibility Kasich doesn't endorse Donald Trump before Ohio hosts RNC

Posted at 1:13 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 18:04:50-04

Since suspending his campaign for the White House May 4, Ohio Governor John Kasich has spoken little publicly about the man who beat him out for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump. What he said in an interview Tuesday on Fox News shows he’s probably further away from an endorsement than he was a month ago.

“If you look at Twitter, they have this thing called trending? It's trending poorly,” Kasich told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer.

“I have a completely different message,” Kasich said. “Mr. Trump called me and he said ‘what are you going to do to support me’ and I said we're like two companies we have a different vision, a different value system and a different objective. So it's pretty hard to put that together but right now the divisiveness, the division the name calling it just doesn't go down well with me.”

Kasich said he last talked to Trump “a few weeks back” and said "the ball's in his court" as to when they would speak again based on his comments Tuesday it’s unlikely Trump would like what he heard.

Hemmer asked Kasich if it’s possible that Trump may not win over his endorsement before the convention gets underway in Cleveland July 18.

"Absolutely,” Kasich said. “I kind of call them the way I see them and never more than today does a country need to be unified, do we need to stop all of the fighting, do we need to realize that we're Americans before we're Republicans and Democrats.”

“The qualities we need in a leader are very important to me, this is not a game for me. I can't go for dividing, name calling or somebody that doesn't really represent conservative principles.”

“I just wish that there was a change but it doesn't look like there's been any change, it looks like it's gotten worse.”

Kasich said it doesn’t sell with him and it won’t sell with Buckeye voters.

“I said from the beginning if somebody came into Ohio and they were a divider that they couldn't win the state. It's not on me as to how Donald Trump does in Ohio, it's on him, it's on him how he does in the country.”

“If you're going to insult Hispanics, if you're going to turn off minorities, if you're going to have reckless suggestions on foreign policy, that's not good. Why would I feel compelled to support somebody whose positions I fundamentally disagree with,” he said.

Safe to say Kasich’s ruled being Trump’s vice president? “There was never a chance of that. Never, not even a consideration we're too different. “