SUV gets stuck in store after attempted smash and grab in Cleveland

Suspect breaks window to escape
Posted at 8:07 AM, Sep 06, 2016

Another smash and grab attempt at another Family Dollar, but the suspect was able to get away after getting the SUV stuck in the front of the store.

Cleveland police said a suspect driving a Dodge Durango smashed into the door of the Family Dollar at 570 E. 185th St., but failed to get the ATM. 

A witness told police the SUV was driven into the store too far. A suspect jumped out by breaking the driver's side window of the SUV, then got into a blue minivan driven by another person. The Durango was left behind.

Police said nothing was stolen, but thousands of dollars of damage was done to the front of the Family Dollar.

On Aug. 29, a Family Dollar in Newburgh Heights was hit by a smash and grab. 

There was also a failed smash and grab with a vehicle left stuck in the store at a Family Dollar in Cleveland on Aug. 9. 

A number of other Family Dollar stores in the Greater Cleveland and Akron areas have been broken into and robbed this year, including ones at East 105th Street and St. Clair Avenue, 19 N. Arlington St., and Lee Road and Miles Avenue.

A manager at the scene said, "We (Family Dollar stores) just can't catch a break."