T-shirt designer's controversy over RNC shirt

Posted: 4:01 PM, Apr 19, 2016
Updated: 2016-04-19 22:04:53Z

Bars, restaurants, and hotels are cashing in on the Republican National Convention this summer, so why not a t-shirt designer, only this t-shirt creation is causing controversy.

Colin Dussault's main job is playing in his blues band.

But it's his side job that's suddenly bringing in the cash and controversy.

Dussault designed a postcard style shirt that reads, "Cleveland, it's going to be a riot," and has the dates of the RNC.

“I have a sense of humor,” Dussault said.

But not everyone is amused.

For instance, one critic wrote on his Facebook page, "You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to incite riots in Cleveland".

“I really am hoping there's no trouble. I can't see the shirt inciting a riot,” Dussault said.

Dussault told me he's already sold over a thousand t-shirts for $25 each and orders keep coming in from all over the country.


"Saint Louis, Milwaukee, Florida a lot of Clevelanders in Florida". Dassault said.


Tongue in cheek or stirring the pot, either way Dussault said police are getting trained and ordering riot gear for the July convention.


"The controversy was there, police are gearing up, Trump saying there's going to be trouble if he doesn't get the nomination, it's out there, I mean that was a low hanging fruit for me to pick as a t-shirt designer,” Dassault said.


Dassault said he even got an order from a Clevelander now living in Taiwan.


Tuesday afternoon Destination Cleveland released this statement regarding the controversial t-shirt.


“While we understand that the message on the T-shirt can be interpreted a variety of ways, we are hopeful that everyone who is here to celebrate this historic moment in Cleveland’s history will have a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s important for the community to know that plans are being put in place by the Secret Service, City of Cleveland and supporting agencies to secure the safety of our community during event – and Destination Cleveland is confident in those plans.  We continue to encourage Clevelanders to welcome all delegates, candidates and other visitors to our community, and to show them the hospitality, grace and warmth that are Cleveland hallmarks.”


-David Gilbert

President & CEO

Destination Cleveland