Terminal Tower CLE Twitter account to shut down

Posted at 12:31 PM, Aug 29, 2016

More than 29,000 followers are going to notice they have one less account to entertain them when the Terminal Tower Twitter shuts down.

A tweet from the Cleveland landmark sparked a conversation, and left followers wondering if it was just the Twitter account that would go or if the lights on the tower would also be taken away.

The tweet received a surplus of replies, some saying thank you for the fun times and others showing an obvious moment of concern. 

The account also made sure to dispel any rumors that the changing lights atop Terminal Tower would be gone.

And, when asked when to expect the disappearance of the Twitter account, followers were met with only this hashtag: #ticktock.

The account pointed to an announcement from May to answer why the Twitter handle was going away. K&D plans to buy Terminal Tower from Forest City Realty Trust and create 300 apartments.

Surprising? It's really not a joke, in case you were wondering.