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Terminal Tower lights up red for Valentine's Day

Posted at 6:30 AM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 06:30:25-05

CLEVELAND — Once again, the Terminal Tower is decked out in a specific color for a special holiday Friday: Valentine's Day.

The Terminal Tower decked out in red for Valentine's Day.

On Friday morning, Cleveland's beloved Terminal Tower was decked out in red tones for Valentine's Day.

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The Terminal Tower decked out in red for Valentine's Day.

Rooted in a deep history, and considered a national landmark when it was first built, the Terminal Tower was considered one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country next to the impressive skyline in New York City. Standing at 708 feet with 52 levels, the Terminal Tower was built in May of 1928.

The Union Terminal Project was conceived by brothers Oris P and Mantis J. Van Sweringen with the original idea to quicken the commute between Shaker and downtown. The tower was modeled after New York City's approach to transportation and infrastructure.

Bill Barrow, head of special collections at the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University, said the original plan included only a 14-story structure, but with the idea to bring more commercial tenants to the space and the tower's connection to Public Square, the tower was constructed with 52 stories.

"We think of the Terminal Tower as our landmark, but really it was the landmark identified across the country and around the world. It was part of the building boom era," Barrow told News 5 last year when the observation deck opened for a special winter event. "The Terminal Tower gave visitors and Cleveland residents something to identify with other than a messy, polluted rust belt city."