Hundreds without power in NEOH Saturday night after another storm downs trees, power lines

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-14 07:45:22-04

After a week of severe thunderstorms, more than 900 customers across Northeast Ohio were without power Sunday morning, according to FirstEnergy. 

Some crews have worked 16 hour days to restore power to customers since storms started hitting the area Tuesday, said spokesman Mark Durbin. 

The huge demand left some customers waiting longer than expected for power to be restored to their homes. 

Cleveland resident Gail Warr's home lost power Saturday afternoon when a storm caused a tree in her backyard to topple, taking power lines down with it. 

When Warr called FirstEnergy, she was initially frustrated with the company's response.

She said she was told it was unclear when crews would be able to get to her home to remove the tree and turn the power back on.

"This can't happen. . . I need it," she said. 

Due to a medical condition, Warr is currently using an electric wheelchair that must be plugged in each night to recharge its batteries.

On top of that, Warr said she just purchased a freezer full of food. 

However, after just a few hours, several repair trucks arrived at Warr's home and hoped to have her power working by Saturday night.