Three homicides, three shootings on Cleveland's east side in a span of 12 hours

Posted at 6:26 PM, Sep 11, 2016

It was a violent night in Cleveland as police said there were three homicides and just as many shootings in a span of 12 hours.

"My son was gunned down in front of his grandparents' house for what?" said Robin Crosby, who said her 18-year-old son Nakale Crosby was shot dead Saturday night at East 116th and Putnam. "Senseless. He can't even get his diploma. He's got a baby on the way. Why would you all do this to me?"

Police said Nakale Crosby was fatally shot at 8 pm. There is no information on any suspects. Four miles away and six hours later, police said two other people were fatally shot on East 86th Street. One was male, the other was female. Both were in the twenties.

Crosby begged for the violence to stop.

"Stand by your kids, teach them something, show them how to love life and love themselves," she added. "I worked hard with my kids. You all took him away from me."

In addition to three homicides, Cleveland police said three people were shot. The fist victim was a man at East 131st and Miles at 3:40 pm Saturday. The second victim was a man at East 65th and Broadway at 11 pm Saturday. The third was a man at East 108th at 1:00 am Sunday.

There is no information on arrests in any of the cases at this time.