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In Tremont, people are now delivering mail to each other after repeated USPS mixups

Posted at 5:39 PM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 13:04:06-04

The Postal Service has become so unreliable in Cleveland's Tremont area, say residents, that some neighbors have taken to hand delivering each other's mail after repeated mix-ups have left their mailboxes with the wrong mail.

Resident Rachel Toth has known the Tremont area for more than a decade but recently she's been forced to become even more familiar with the area since she started delivering the mail.

"We've become our own mail service," Toth said.

According to Toth, mail from just about anywhere shows up in her mailbox.

"I live next to an apartment building, I've got apartment numbers, up and down. I've gotten mail in my mailbox that is not my address, not even in the zip code," Toth said. 

The problem is more than a simple annoyance. Toth said the mixups have had some serious implications. 

"My son is going off to college. We are waiting for acceptance letters. I am waiting for checks in the mail. They're nowhere. They've not been returned. They've not been received," Toth said.

Residents say they've filed formal complaints with the United States Postal Service.

USPS has released the following statement regarding Tremont's mail concerns:

"The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide excellent service. The Postal Service has been engaged with neighborhood organizers to address delivery concerns when appropriate. This commitment will continue. Customers with concerns about their mail service are also strongly encouraged to contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ASK-USPS) or through the 'Contact Us' link."

When News 5 asked USPS has done to rectify complaints and what changes have been made USPS responded "please use the statement as is. Thanks." 

Toth said she's already working with others who live in the area to make sure their mail ends up in the right place.

"Tremont has a great farmers market every Tuesday starting in May, so I figured if it cannot be resolved we will bring the mail once a week and file it up and you can retrieve the mail there."

The area's councilman, Kerry McCormack, told News 5 mail delivery has been a reported problem for awhile, but it's a federal service so it's out of his hands. 

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge's office spokesman released the following statement regarding the mail in the Tremont neighborhood:

"We will continue to work with the USPS & constituents in the Tremont neighborhood until this issue is resolved. Since becoming aware of the problem our office has been in contact with USPS, and has attended local block club meetings to hear constituents concerns. The Congresswoman strongly supports the active engagement of local residents. She assures them that she will continue working with USPS to bring this matter to a close."