Tribe fan recreates Indians' biggest plays using tiny figures

Posted at 3:41 PM, Oct 05, 2017

One Tribe fan is taking the biggest plays of the Indians’ season and making them miniature.

Using incredibly detailed two centimeter figures, Gregory Kula has been creating stop-motion videos to show off major moments.

The pieces look like Legos, but are made by a company called OYO, which creates collectible minifigures of players in the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

Kula’s collection started when he received a mini-Jason Kipnis in his stocking about five years ago.

From then on, his hobby has only grown.

“I had to get my hands on the rest of them,” Kula said. “I grew up loving the Indians. Our family is just rooted in rooting for the Indians.”

Kula said the stop-motion videos, while only about 40 seconds long, involve quite a bit of math. Each piece is shot in five frames per second, so Kula has to figure out where the figures need to be each second to keep the motion moving while recreating plays like Austin Jackson’s incredible catch at Fenway Park.

In the past, he's also made Tyler Naquin's inside-the-park homerun.
Kula's tiny collection includes a mini-Slider, mini-Edwin Encarnacion with a mini-parrot on his shoulder, and even mini-mini-balls, created by his father.