University Heights drivers want answers after construction damages cars

Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 15:52:21-04

Drivers are angry in University Heights after a construction project on Cedar Road ended up damaging their cars and flattening their tires. 

According to University Heights Police, a steel plate got knocked out of place leading to the damage.

"I heard a big pop and all of a sudden my car was down to the rim," Kevin Heine told News 5. 

Heine is one of 5 drivers whose cars were damaged. He called it totally unexpected. 

"There were no kind of markings and no cones out," he said.

Heine told News 5 he hopes the construction company has plans to help.

"I hope they take care of the damage that was done to people's cars. I don't want to deal with this out of my own pocket! I already had to miss some work and get down and change my tire," he said. 

News 5 got in touch with University Heights police, and the company behind the construction. According to police, barrels were placed over the steel plates.

The police departments suggestion? Have drivers call their insurance companies.

But that's not what drivers like Heine want to hear. "Clearly something should have been done! It wasn't an act of God or anything- it was negligence."

News 5 reached out to Cleveland Water Department a few times- since it's their construction project that led to this. We were told they're aware of this, but we are still waiting for their response.