Dozens of car windows busted out in Tremont

Posted at 7:10 AM, Mar 04, 2016

Tremont residents are on alert this week after dozens of windows were busted out of cars in the neighborhood.

Cleveland police said more than 22 people from all over Tremont reported on Sunday that the windows on their cars had been shot out.

Police received reports from residents near West 25th Street and Denison Avenue, West 25th Street and Archwood Avenue, West 30th Street and Clark Avenue and Broadview and Valley roads.

Police said most of the reports were from around 5 p.m. Sunday.

Then, on Wednesday, the windows of another 20 cars were shattered.

Photo surveillance from Sunday's incidents showed a vehicle that appeared to brake next to cars parked along the road. 

A victim's surveillance camera also picked up an image of the suspects car at 3:54 a.m. Wednesday.

Take a look at those photos in the media player above.

Laura Childers was one of the victims.

She reported Saturday that her 2002 Volkswagon’s rear window was busted.

"I have a bag on my window, flapping in the wind," she said. "I kind of feel hopeless, too. There’s no cameras around here."

Police said, in total, they received about 50 complaints over the last week.