Walnut Wednesday still goes on: People could grab a bite and watch the parade on screen

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 17:50:42-04

For people who couldn't quite get up close and personal on the parade streets, there was plenty of action all over the city, including down on Walnut Street.

That’s why, Downtown Cleveland Alliance decided to keep their weekly Walnut Wednesday event, adding a special 20 foot wide screen so viewers wouldn't miss out on all the action!

With the streets pack shoulder to shoulder...

“It’s very hard to maneuver or even move period,” said Richard Drake, a Cavs fan who made the journey downtown today.

People were desperate to get a good view. Captivated by all the commotion on screen, they were able see their Cavs up close-all the while snagging a bite on the side.

“Walnut Wednesday’s such a big part of the downtown experience in the summer and we really wanted to make it apart of the excitement for the parade today,” said Megan Tinker, Communication Manager, Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

More than 25 food trucks lined walnut street today, and chefs were noting it’s the busiest they’ve ever been.

“You can’t even prepare for something like this. You just fly by the seat of your pants,” David Long, Chef at Susy’s Soup & Deli Express food truck said.

Starting as early as 8am, they served all kinds of  hot eats, and cool treats.

“I’m just hoping we have enough food to last all day,” said Lena Brown, Chef and owner of Betty’s Bomb A** Burgers food truck.

And with the parade just down the street, a lot of that energy and excitement, still finding its way in every pocket in the city.

“It’s amazing, it is. It’s amazing to be apart of this,” Brown said.

When it’s all said and done, Alliance ambassadors will be responsible for cleaning it all up and returning the city back to normal. They say it will be all hands on deck with more than 50 of their employees working until about midnight, and starting back up again as early as 7am.