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Woman says man tried to video tape her while in the bathroom at Punch Bowl Social

Posted at 8:49 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 20:49:48-04

Cleveland police are looking for a man who followed a woman into the restroom at Punch Bowl Social and tried to video tape her with his cellphone while she was going to the bathroom.

On Tuesday, the victim told officers she went into the restroom, and once she sat down in the stall, she thought she may have entered the men's bathroom. She said she may have seen a man in the bathroom before going into the stall and saw what she thought were men's bowling shoes in the stall next to her.

At this point, the victim told police she became nervous and looked around to make sure nothing suspicious was happening. Then, she said she saw a black iPhone pointed in her direction and video taping her.

When she realized what was happening, the victim told police she swatted at the suspect's phone and it fell to the floor. She said she was unable to get the phone and the suspect tried to run out of the bathroom.

The victim said she grabbed the suspect by the neck and tried to pull him out to the bar to report him, but the suspect ran into the men's bathroom and the victim ran to her friends for assistance. She said she told the manager what happened and called police.

The suspect ran out of the bar and was last seen near the intersection of W. 10th Street and Front Street.

When police interviewed the manager of Punch Bowl Social, he said the suspect used his credit card for a tab at the bar, allowing him to identify the man.