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Yes, its spring. No, that doesn't mean cold weather is gone

Posted at 9:08 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 21:08:57-04

CLEVELAND — Ahhh! Spring has arrived. At least on the Calendar. Meteorologically, spring arrived March 1. For us Weather folks, spring consists of the months of March, April and May. Our seasons go month to month. Its easier that way in the weather office.

Wednesday is Astronomical Spring, the day when we see equal parts of light and day at the equator. The Equinox. But, does that mean winter's snow and cold fade away? Not really. Mother Nature does not abide by dates on a calendar. Spring can be warm and spring, often times, can be very cold and snowy.

In Cleveland, the month of April still averages 3.3 inches of snow, despite the calendar saying its SPRING. In Akron and Canton, April snowfall is about 2.7 inches.

Snow in late March and April is a common sight in northern Ohio. Back in April of 2005, not one but two major Winter Storms hit the area. That year, April's snowfall set a record at 19 inches. The most for any April in modern history. Back in April of 2016, more than seven inches of snow was measured at Cleveland Hopkins Airport for the month. In 2007, more than 13 inches fell in April, all of this while most of us are pining for warm weather and green and growing things.

The first snow flakes of SPRING is forecast to fall this Friday and a few spots may even see an inch or two accumulate on the ground. Temperatures this weekend and next week look to stay below the average of 50 degrees, for the most part, through at least the end of next week.

So, rejoice! Its finally SPRING. But, don't put away the coats or the snow shovels just yet....