Cleveland police conduct sting on illegal ATVs, dirt bikes at city park

Dozens of riders ticketed at Clark Field
Posted at 10:51 PM, Jun 20, 2017

The Cleveland Police 2nd District Community Services Unit conducted a major sting on illegal ATVs and dirt bikes at Clark Field.

Police were called by residents, who reported a disturbance at the park on June 8, and Sergeant Frank Woyma and his team took action.

Police arrested two riders, confiscated 6 illegal vehicles and ticketed a total of 25 riders at the scene.

Woyma told News 5 it's all part of a new effort to catch illegal riders where they congregate before they hit the road.

"All of the vehicles we confiscated are not street legal," said Woyma.  "There's no lights on the yellow ATV, no lights here.  There's no horns, there's no license plates. It's really aggravating to a lot of people, so it's a real high priority for us to try and get some of these bikes off the streets. We want to let people know that if they have them in their yards, they can't ride them in the city."

Woyma said illegal ATVs and dirt bikes are the number one complaint he receives from neighborhood groups and at community meetings across the city.

Finding these riders at meeting locations, or even at their homes, is a relatively new tactic being used by the police community unit, and is much safer than attempting to corral these riders while they're on the streets.

But Woyma said it's critical to their efforts that residents call the police to report where these riders gather.

"Anonymous calls can be made to either or radio dispatch, or to the 2nd district, or whatever district they live in," explained Woyma. "We're going to tow your ATV or your dirt bike down here, and if you don't have the proper documentation to get it back, you're not going to get it back,"