Cuyahoga Co. considering $5 increase in motor vehicle registrations

Posted at 10:53 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 22:53:08-04

Cuyahoga County is now looking towards its county council to consider a $5 motor vehicle registration increase for some 1.2 million vehicles countywide.

A new state now allows counties to add more permissive taxes to registrations, a proposal Cuyahoga County leaders said would generate $4 to $5 million dollars annually.

Cuyahoga County Director of Public Works Mike Dever told News 5 the funds would be used to repair country roads and bridges, additional dollars that are badly needed, due to federal and state budget cuts.

Dever said county council is likely to vote on the increase by the end of the year, with motor vehicle registration fees not going up to nearly $60 dollars, until the beginning of 2019.

Still some Cleveland block club leaders like Sandy Smith and Rebecca Kempton are wondering why motorists should be hit with more fees to make up for budget cuts.

Smith said she's in favor of the $5 increase, just as long as it can be proven the money would be used for county infrastructure improvements.

Meanwhile Kempton is wondering if the proposed increase could be put in the hands of voters.

"I'm really concerned, I don't know how much more individual taxpayers can continue to pay," said Kempton.

"I'd like to know where is the money that's already earmarked for these projects, how is it being spent specifically.  Is it being wasted, where is the transparency?"

The next public hearing on the proposal is set for Oct. 11, at 10 AM at Cuyahoga County Headquarters.