East Cleveland tenants trapped at home, apartment complex elevators out two weeks

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 08:10:41-04

Some disabled residents at an East Cleveland apartment complex report they've been trapped inside their units, because both elevators at their building have been out for nearly two weeks.

Sandra Williams has lived on the eighth floor of the Forest Hills Park Apartments for several years, and was victimized by a devastating stroke in July 2016, leaving it nearly impossible for her walk.

Williams said with both elevators out, she's been left trapped in her apartment, the only way out is for her son to basically carry her down a narrow stairwell.

A good portion of the stairwell has been left in the dark, after light fixtures there were vandalized a couple of months ago.

Williams said she tried to reach building management and LEDIC Realty Company in Memphis Tennessee for answers, but so far has been given little response.

"We got two elevators here and none of them work," said Williams.  "That's not fair to us."

"They won't answer the phone, and I leave messages saying please call me back to tell me what's happening, what's going on, when is the elevator going to work.  They will not call me or tell me nothing."

Walter Rogers is another tenant who claims he's been trapped in his apartment.

The 74 year old Vietnam veteran uses a wheelchair nearly all the time to get around.

Rogers said he's also worried about safety, because he said the locking system on the front of his building has been broken for weeks.

He said he's had to get neighbors to buy him food, and is running low on critical supplies.

"They let the building become very dangerous," said Rogers.

"I can't take my trash out, I'm about to run out of medicine.  If I run out of medicine, within two to three days I'm paralyzed."

LEDIC management responded to our story and told News 5 it hopes to have elevators up and running on March 15.

It issued the following statement:

"The elevators were damaged by the storm last Thursday evening.  Specialty parts were needed and those repairs are scheduled for tomorrow morning.  We have been staying in daily contact with our residents to keep them updated and to ensure they have everything they need.

You mentioned lighting concerns and I made a couple of notes based on the complaint you received.  I will share those concerns with our operations team.  As for general lighting, the property replaces any lights that are out on a daily basis. 

You also mentioned the security door.  The property is in the process of looking at different options and obtaining bids."

News 5 will follow-up on this story