East Cleveland residents report neighborhood speeding endangering lives

Posted at 11:45 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 07:02:09-04

East Cleveland residents report neighborhood speeding is such a growing hazard it's endangering lives more than ever before.

Armina Jeter pointed to home video taken by a resident in her East Cleveland neighborhood showing a vehicle that had been cut in half, after it sheered off two telephone poles, while traveling at high rate of speed.

Police were chasing the suspect on Elm Avenue at the time of the Oct. 29 crash. 

"People are speeding up and down our streets during every hour of the day," said Jeter.

"They have caused multiple accidents in our neighborhood and try to tell them we many children living around here."

Just two streets over Shamar Holton showed how his 2007 Ford Expedition was heavily damaged after a speeding drunk driver plowed into his vehicle.

A second parked SUV was also totaled in the crash.

"Police have to do more to stop excessive speeding here," said Holton.  

"If I would have been inside my vehicle I could have been hurt or killed." contacted East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton about this story, and the Mayor made it clear it's up to residents to report speeding by getting vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers.

Residents reported multiple accidents in just the past three weeks, one man had to be hospitalized following a high speed crash.