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Flooding concerns dampen excitement for new homeowners in Wadsworth

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 11:14:39-04

Nearly a dozen homeowners who recently built new houses in the Tiberon Trace subdivision in Wadsworth, are concerned issues over the final grading of their lots could cause extensive damage to their newly planted lawns.

Robert Roark and Sheena Goecks, who built with Ryan Homes, say they are now dealing with drainage issues and high weeds.

They were required by their homeowners association to plant new lawns but were then later told by the City of Wadsworth that final grade approval on their lots was never completed.

Roark said he asked Ryan Homes and the city what comes next, but he said he was told it could take weeks for inspectors to come out and determine what can be done.

Meanwhile, Roark said he's been left to deal with drainage issues, and big questions as to who will pay to have lawns repaired if extensive final grading is required by the city. 

"It’s been a nightmare, to say the least, these last couple months," Roark said. "In this whole area it just floods, it comes down here, and my entire backyard goes underwater, misses the drain and goes into the next yard."

News 5 contacted Wadsworth Director of Public Service Robert Patrick, and he confirmed the issues with final grading approvals in that subdivision.

Patrick said Ryan Homes is trying to catch up, recently applying for more than a dozen final grade inspections in that subdivision.

News 5 also contacted Ryan Homes corporate headquarters in Virginia about the situation but were told the company would not comment and will only discuss the issue with customers.

However, it's been confirmed through Summit County Court records that drainage issues are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit.

Meanwhile, new homeowners are hoping a solution will soon be found, allowing them to move forward with their lawns and outdoor deck projects.

"They need to come and fix what we paid for," Roark said. "A lot of money we spent, a lot of money on this house and stuff."