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Brook Park Ford employee questions Ford-only parking policy after his Dodge was towed

Worker questions Ford-only parking spot at plant
Worker questions Ford-only parking spot at plant
Worker questions Ford-only parking spot at plant
Posted at 7:26 AM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 18:11:12-04

An employee at the Ford Brook Park Engine Plant is questioning the long-standing policy of marking dozens of parking spots for Ford vehicles only at the plant parking lot.

Employee Kevin Carter said his 2008 Dodge Avenger was towed from the Ford vehicle parking area last week and said his car sustained $1,500 in damage during the tow.

Carter said Rich's Towing charged him $177 for the tow, but told him it didn't cause the damage to his rear bumper.

Carter said he believes having dozens of reserved parking spots for Ford vehicles only, is an antiquated way of thinking, in today's global economy.

Carter believes the Ford-only reserved parking policy should first be relaxed to include all American made vehicles, and then done away with completely.

"Whether you got a Ford, GM, Chrysler, they're all American made, it has to be re-evaluated," Carter said.

"It's tougher in the winter; you have to park farther away, a longer walk."

"And then you got pregnant ladies inside, we have older women inside, we have older gentlemen, you know, they have to walk farther away, because they don't own a Ford," he said.

News 5 contacted UAW Local 1250 about the Ford only parking policy, and it said the policy has been in place for decades at many plants across the county, as a way to encourage brand loyalty.

The union said it's in support of Ford only parking because it said the overwhelming number of employees at the Brook Park engine plant is in favor of the policy, and voted for the policy in the latest contract with company.

Local 1250 President Mark Payne said the only way the policy could be changed, or relaxed, is if the vast majority of employees at the plant asked for a change during contract talks in 2019.

News 5 reached out to Ford corporate offices for comment on the parking policy, we're still waiting for a response.

Representatives with Rich's towing said they would sit down with Carter to discuss the alleged damage to his vehicle.

Meanwhile, Carter is still hoping Ford will consider changing its reserved parking policy.

"Ford is a great company, they are great to work for," Carter said.

"But whether you got a Ford, GM, Chrysler, they're all American made.  It has to be re-evaluated."