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Garfield Hts. resident upset by neighborhood repaving delays

Garfield Drive water main repaving project now in its ninth month
Garfield Hts. resident upset by neighborhood repaving delays
Posted at 10:58 PM, Sep 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-12 23:28:56-04

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — Rosalind and Charles Homolka have literally been dealing with a rough road to their Garfield Heights home for the past nine months, after road repaving delays in their neighborhood have left them and other neighbors with a rocky mess.

The couple told News 5 a water line replacement on Garfield Drive that started back in January has left their street unpaved, extremely rough and plagued by water-filled holes. Residents believe the situation is causing damage to their vehicles and is a potential safety risk for delivery drivers and emergency vehicles.

The couple said they contacted Garfield Heights city hall multiple times to get answers on when their street will finally be restored, but said they've been given no real information and plenty of broken promises.

"They've been studying it for eight months, nine months and we’re going into the winter," Rosalind Homolka said. “Coming down here with the road like this, horrid, just horrid, people coming to visit you. I don’t know; we’re just disgusted by the whole thing.”

“We can’t get our drive done from January, I mean is that ridiculous?"

Garfield Hts. resident upset by neighborhood repaving delays
Garfield Drive residents explained they believe their unpaved road is a potential safety issue.

Garfield Drive resident Yolanda Hamilton showed News 5 part of her vehicle's exhaust system she said was rattled loose by the rocky pavement. Hamilton said $800 in new tires and a wheel alignment on her car has been nothing but a wasted investment.

“You can’t go the full speed limit coming down here," Hamilton said. “It's a hot mess, a hot mess. My repair shop told me you just got these tires, are you driving over some terrible road conditions everyday? And I’m like yes it’s the road to my driveway.”

News 5 contacted Garfield Heights Mayor Matt Burke about the repaving delays, and the Mayor responded immediately. Burke said the extended delays continue because the city discovered last week Garfield Drive needs to have the entire street base replaced before new asphalt can be put in place. Burke said he understands the growing frustration among homeowners and said the city hopes to have Garfield Drive replaced before cold weather moves in this winter

“I realize it’s a real inconvenience to those residents. I realize they’re going through a lot of issues," Burke said. “We should send out a letter to all the residents on the street, just indicating exactly where we’re at and what the problems are.”

News 5 will continue to follow up on this developing story.

Meanwhile, some homeowners like Nancy Fiktus are hoping the city will live up to its promise, or homeowners could take up a petition drive or other measures until the paving is finally completed.

“This is our only means into our garages, Fiktus said. “It’s ruining our cars, the bottom of my car was hitting. We’re also thinking about putting our tax dollars into an escrow account and possibly just holding out because this is just not getting done.”