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Girl Scouts selling cookies in different ways this year

Posted at 6:03 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 11:27:39-05

CINCINNATI — As Girl Scouts start selling cookies, don't expect your favorite scout to come knocking at your door this year.

Ellie Foley is a scout in the fifth grade, and she said she still going to be selling cookies, but the pandemic has her coming up with new ways to sell.

"I'm going to be hanging these door hangers all throughout my neighborhood so I don't have to come in contact with people when knocking on their doors," Foley said. Those hangers give instructions on how to order cookies with Foley, similar to the instructions found online.

And Foley isn't the only Girl Scout doing things differently this year.

Eilidh Moore, a Girl Scout in the first grade, is selling cookies online and with door hangers, too. Moore isn't going just to her neighbors either. She said she plans on giving the hangers to "just everyone that I can find on the street."

Ryan Wenstrup-Moore, Eilidh's mother, is helping her daughter sell cookies, too, by putting a sign with a QR code in the family's front yard. That way anyone who drives or walks by can use their phone to scan the code and order some cookies.

While Girl Scouts develop skills like goal setting and decision making from selling cookies, Ryan-Wenstrup said even with these changes, this year is no different.

"There's other things she can still learn from the program," Ryan-Wenstrup said, "about being creative and pivoting, and when you can't do things the way you thought you would. There's still another way."