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Hudson residents create petition to scold mayor for ice fishing comments

Posted at 2:13 PM, Feb 13, 2022

HUDSON, Ohio — Nearly 950 Hudson residents have signed a petition to publicly scold the mayor after his comments at a city council meeting went viral and put the city in the national spotlight.

Andrea Bucey Tikkanen is leading an effort to have the city's mayor censured.

"I don't want to come across as if we don't have a sense of humor and as if Hudson can't laugh at itself," Bucey Tikkanen said.

But she said the city's reputation is no laughing matter.

"While the nation is laughing at this most recent gaffe public gaffe on behalf of Craig Shubert, there's really a sadness to it. It is probably the third or fourth time that Hudson's name has been in the news this year in the Shubert regime," Bucey Tikkanen said.

The move to have the mayor publicly scolded comes after a city council discussion to allow ice fishing in the city.

Some council members were concerned about people getting injured, but Mayor Craig Shubert's concern was that if lawmakers allow ice fishing, some people may want ice shanties and he said that could lead to prostitution.

"The role of Mayor Schubert in Hudson, our mayor is ceremonial only, so his responsibility is to be our cheerleader. And there's concern he has been anything but that," said Bucey Tikkanen.

News 5 has reached out to the mayor but did not hear back.

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