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Cleveland Heights community works to rebuild garden uprooted by vandals

Posted at 5:42 PM, Sep 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-06 18:17:22-04

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS — A community effort in Cleveland Heights to feed neighbors was recently uprooted by vandals. The community garden housed fruits and vegetables. The project was put together by Stephen Walker and Jay-Rod Johnson, and dozens of volunteers.

Last week, someone destroyed their crops. It was put in place to feed whoever wanted anything, and make many Nepalese families feel at home.

“I couldn’t believe it; it was unbelievable to me. We have to continue doing what we want to do, and what that is: is help the community,” said Walker. “We didn’t put a lock on the garden, because locking people out, it doesn’t make it feel as though it’s a community. It’s about giving."

Members from Disciples Christian Church saw the story on News 5 about the vandalism and wanted to help.

“Just upset that someone would do such an awful thing,” said Rev. Roger McKinney. “It’s upsetting that people would be treated so poorly. We treat people like Jesus did.”

Rev. McKinney’s congregation will offer funds to rebuild the garden.

“Jesus welcomed people into his life who were different from him,” said Rev. McKinney. “Our outreach group would probably be willing to give more.”

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