City of Cleveland roads study shows nearly half of residential streets rated in 'D' or 'F' condition

Posted at 6:13 PM, Feb 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 10:16:48-04

After hounding city officials for nearly a year, the City of Cleveland finally released its latest roads study and database that show the quality and state of Cleveland streets.

The study, done by engineering firm Michael Baker International, reveals just how many roads are in need of serious repairs.

It shows almost half of all Cleveland streets are in poor condition. The firm surveyed and graded more than 10,000 street segments as part of its study, and found that 45 percent of residential street segments are either a "D" or an "F".

The report also details they are in worse shape than they were when the last roads study was done in 2009 by a different consulting company, Stantec. At that time, Stantec found about one-third of Cleveland streets were in D or F category.

Streets graded "A" made up about 10% of all streets, according to the new study -- a similar statistic when comparing to the 2009 analysis.

The city has now committed to changing the way it repairs roads. City leaders called a news conference Tuesday to discuss its plans to address street maintenance moving forward, after News 5 Investigators consistently questioned the city’s flawed strategy.

This came after our investigation revealed its “worst first” philosophy was not effective in addressing streets that needed priority maintenance.

The city committed to fixing all streets rated “F” first and said it will phase out its “worst first” strategy to a “fix it first” model over the next four to five years. 

This is one of many reports to come, investigating the City of Cleveland's road repair system and the state of the city's infrastructure.