CLE residents complain of putrid odor

Posted at 3:24 PM, Dec 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-31 17:12:07-05

Cleveland residents say a putrid odor suspected of coming from a nearby biofuels plant is making them nauseated.

Collinwood BioEnergy, 13550 Aspinwall Ave. on Cleveland's east side, turns sewage sludge, food waste and other organic material into energy used by Cleveland Public Power to create electricity.

But nearby residents say the stench from the plant is so strong it is difficult to breathe.

"It will make you totally sick," says Epp Marsh, a Collinwood block captain president who is urging neighbors to complain about the facility.

"You can't sit on your front porch and if you go in your house you have to shut your doors and you still smell it."

The facility has been cited on least two other occasions by the Ohio Environmental Protection agency for air quality and sludge issues that have been resolved.

A spokesperson for Quasar Energy, the parent company, said it will immediately begin looking into what may be causing the odor, but stressed there are no toxic materials on site—strictly organic waste.

Meanwhile, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has also confirmed it is sending a team into the neighborhood to investigate whether any material from the plant may been dumped into sewers.


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