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Frontier Airlines' customer upset with company; News 5 steps in

Coronavirus issues, travel voucher, flier miles program all involved
Posted at 5:51 PM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-19 18:57:10-04

CLEVELAND — The airline industry has been slammed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many passengers are not happy about the responses from airline companies. A local woman wanted to be heard about her problems with Frontier Airlines so she turned to the 5 On Your Side Investigators for help.

“We had a trip planned for Arizona to go see the Indians for Spring Training,” said Jennifer Schwartz from Westlake. She and her boyfriend are big fans of our Tribe but they’re not fans of COVID. “My boyfriend that I live with and travel with is 66 years old and in a high-risk," said Schwartz. “And I am a nurse that works in a maternity center.”

Because of all of that, they said they had to cancel their spring flight on Frontier Airlines. She said the company offered a choice. “I have a $109 credit or I could have 50,000 miles. We could do a lot with 50,000 miles,” said Schwartz.

The problem is, she told us the miles weren't given. She picked up the phone. “

When you call them, it says due to high call volumes you may have long wait times, etc. They transfer you and it just hangs up,” she explained.

She emailed but said Frontier responded saying it didn’t have a record of the credit. She sent more emails. More time passed. She got no more answers.

“Now they’re saying the travel credit is now expired because it’s reached the 90 days,” said Schwartz. “So, now I don’t have the 50,000 miles that was promised in the offer or the travel credit.”

It’s a company we’ve documented in the pastabout complaints concerning refunds since COVID hit. More recent complaints through the Better Business Bureau show customers are still having issues.

“I know we’re not the only ones that may not be able to make a decision in 90 days about when it will be safe to travel again,” said Schwartz.

At her wits end, she called 5 On Your Side Investigators. We contacted Frontier Airlines. The company acted quickly and Schwartz now has her miles.

“Be real careful with even trip insurance,” warned Schwartz. “It doesn’t always [cover] the canceling for these things.”

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