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More local victims of Cash App impersonators contact News 5

5 On Your Side Investigators help get hundreds back
More local victims of Cash App impersonators are coming forward wondering what happened.
Posted at 6:00 AM, Apr 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-14 19:07:01-04

CLEVELAND — More victims are reaching out to the 5 On Your Side Investigators after trying to get transferred money on Cash App. Earlier this month, we exposed scammers pretending to be Cash App employees and intercepting local people’s money.

“I saw the money coming through,” said Veronica White, 67, from Cleveland. She thought she received nearly $2,500 on Cash App, but there was a problem. “So, I Googled ‘call Cash App,’” she told us.


She thought she had called Cash App Support like so many others from around the country who Googled the very same thing. A woman on the other line told White she was a supervisor. “For some reason I look up and she’s controlling my telephone. I can actually see her doing this on my phone,” described White.

The woman asked for White’s driver’s license, debit card info and more only to find out, in the end, she had been scammed. “I was shocked and I was very disappointed. And I started inquiring more,” White told us. “I found out that you cannot talk to a person at Cash App. I had no clue.”

She then saw our original story about local Cash App customers losing their money. “Matter of fact, the lady that was sending me the money, she lives in Arkansas. She saw it and forwarded it to me,” said White.

Her $2,500 disappeared, and if that wasn’t bad enough, another local person got a hold of us.


“The money is zapped. It’s gone. And, really, there’s nothing you can do about it,” said Terrance Moore, 53, from Bedford Heights. He thought he was getting more than $5,000 after converting BitCoin to cash. “So, one day it was $5,058 on the screen and the next day it was a zero,” he told us.

Moore said he, too, went online and looked up a number for Cash App where the money was supposed to be. “I did talk to somebody…at least I thought I talked to someone that was with Cash App,” said Moore.

He told us he was devastated until his mother saw our first story. He called us hoping his luck could be turned around, especially after what’s happened to him recently.

“Well, I had a brain aneurysm last year and a couple of surgeries,” said Moore.


A Cash App Spokesperson sent us this statement:

“Preventing fraud is critically important to Cash App. We continue to invest in and bolster fraud-fighting resources by both increasing staffing and adopting new technology. We are constantly improving systems and controls to help prevent, detect, and report bad activity on the platform.”

“Because me thinking I was going to get the money and didn’t receive it, there’s bills I created that still have not been paid,” said Moore about his experience.

You might remember Robert Taylor from our first story. He told us that with our help, he has been able to get his $800 back.

Keep in mind, crooks have posted a phony phone number for Cash App Support on the internet. The only real way to get issues resolved with Cash App is through the app itself. The only official number for Cash App is 855-351-2274. When we called it, though, we did hear a message saying you should have your issues addressed through the app.

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