Ohio taxpayers ripped off by public officials racking up huge credit card bills

Hundreds of public entities without policies
Posted at 5:06 PM, Jul 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 19:45:15-04

A report released Wednesday by the Ohio Auditor of State reveals more than $1 million in questionable credit card expenses by public officials across the state while hundreds of local entities are without policies governing their used.

Ohio Auditor David Yost released the findings in a report detailing credit card dangers that leave local governments and taxpayers at risk.

In one instance, auditors identified a village administrator in Mt. Sterling, Ohio "who had the money to engage his passion for cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles" to the tune of $724,000.

Over a six year period, auditors identified $1.2 million in questionable credit card expenses.

Among those in Northeast Ohio:

  • Cleveland Heights-University Heights Local School District: $1,049
  • New Day Academy Boarding and Day School: $619
  • Warrensville Heights City Schools: $11,495
  • Elite Academy of the Arts: $20,733

In addition, the report found more than 500 local municipalities, cities, villages, schools and libraries lack policies regarding their use — including who is authorized to use them.

As a result, new legislation, H.B 312, is being introduced by state representatives Kirk Schuring of Canton, and Dave Greenspan of Westlake to improve oversight over credit and debit card use by taxpayers supported entities.