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Viewers come together to help Lorain woman scammed out of $2,000 while looking for a car

Angel Blakely getting the keys to her new car.
Angel Blakely and Fred Geis hug
Angel Blakely hugging Pete Kepich from Kepich Ford
Angel Blakely sitting in her new car with tears in her eyes
Angel Blakely in her new car and loving it
Posted at 10:47 AM, May 28, 2019

CLEVELAND — 5 On your Side Investigators told you last week about a Lorain woman who could have been killed in a car accident and then was scammed out of $2,000 while looking for a new car. Now, get ready for tears of joy from 22-year-old Angel Blakely as generous News 5 viewers lend their support.

"They took all of my money,” said a tearful Blakely last week as she was talking about the scam she found herself in after she responded to an online ad for a car.

"I was upstairs. My wife was down stairs. We had TVs going in both,” said Fred Geis. He and his wife Kris Geis saw that story on News 5. "We literally met in the hallway. I looked at her and she looked at me, and I go, 'Can't we help this girl out?' She said, 'Let's do it!'" Fred said.

They are successful real estate developers in Cleveland, including The 9 property downtown. Fred called Pete Kepich from Kepich Ford in Garrettsville. "I said (to Fred), ‘How can I help?" Kepich told us.

5 On Your Side Investigators helped connect them to Blakey. Phone calls and texts led them to buy a Ford Focus.

We invited Blakely to our News 5 parking lot for the big reveal and for a special introduction.

"Hi, Angel...Fred,” said Fred with a big smile as he shook Blakely’s hand. "So, here's the set of keys. I want you to know it's a great car,” said Fred. “Can I have a hug?” asked Fred with his arms wide open.

There was a big hug from Blakely with tears in her eyes. Then, another hug—this time for Kepich. “Congratulations!” said Kepich.

“Thank you!" said Blakely with her head on Kepich’s shoulder.

Blakely got into the car. "Angel, how do you feel?” we asked.

“I'm so happy! I'm so excited! Oh my gosh! I can't believe it!" exclaimed Blakely.

"We got a chance to give a young person an opportunity to advance herself and I get an opportunity to show her that not all people are bad," said Fred standing just outside of the car.

"They didn't hesitate to help me (and that) is mind blowing,” said Blakely with a shocked look on her face.

"It's unbelievable! It's awesome!" said Kepich still smiling.

It was awesome to see the bond made between strangers.

"Hi! …Thank you so much!” said Blakely as she hugged Kris Geis.

“Oh, I'm so excited for you!" Kris told her.

The ultimate message of this day?

"There's a debt to be paid and I'm hoping that debt is for (Angel) to help out somebody in the future,” said Fred. “Maybe put a little money into a nonprofit, maybe give a little extra money to her church. But somehow or another, do what we did and pay it back to the community."

Fred told us he's currently working on a focus group that will encourage young people to get training and get into the trades like construction.

And Blakely said she's so excited just to be able to get to work and school without having to bother her grandmother. Those are the real, everyday impacts with this generous donation.

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