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Local fireworks victim issues warning about fireworks use

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jul 04, 2018

It was a 2013 fireworks accident that changed Kevin Skubic's life, but now, five years later, the Akron resident is still dedicated to issuing a year round warning about the potential danger of fireworks use.

Skubic lost part of his left arm in the accident, and nearly lost his life.

Skubic now telling children, teens and parents about the hazards of using fireworks at home, especially during the 4th of July season.

Skubic said he's not in favor of Ohio House Bill 226, which would legalize the use of fireworks, leaving it up to cities and townships to decide when they could be used.

"It's a lot more dangerous, and you're a lot more prone to have an accident," Skubic said

"You could have just taken your kids and bought fireworks together, and then something happens in the car, and now you have an accident in the car when you're driving home."

Ohio State Senator Tom Patton, (R) District 7, told News 5 H.B. 226 has stalled out in the senate, and it's not clear if the measure will be up for a vote in 2018.

The bill is also calling for fireworks manufacturers to provide free safety glasses to all buyers.

Patton believes the measure will help cut down on the use of black market or homemade fireworks.

"We're hoping for it to be safer for the people, so they're not selling the real bad stuff, especially the real homemade stuff," Patton said.

Meanwhile the Insurance Journal reported12,900 U.S. fireworks injuries, and 8 deaths last year alone.

The journal indicated that 40% of all fireworks injuries involve youngsters under the age of 15.