Lorain residents call for hearing to return of traffic lights

40 traffic lights removed to save $55,000
Posted at 10:11 PM, Aug 29, 2016

Lorain residents and some city leaders say the removal of some 40 traffic lights is a risky way to save money and help the cash strapped city budget.

The traffic light removal began after a study indicated the signals could be taken down without creating safety issues.

The move to remove the lights is expected to save Lorain $55,000 annually, but some believe it's too big a price to pay when it comes to public safety.

Anita Ashby told her home at West 21st and Oakdale was hit by a car shortly after the traffic light was removed from her intersection.

She also pointed to an accident outside her home that nearly claimed the lives of two teens.

"Yeah I heard the big boom!  I was upstairs in my home when by porch was hit," said Ashby.

"We have our kids playing in the yard and there are cars playing up in the yard. People traveling at a high rate of speed."

Lorain resident Victoria Kempton believes the public should have had input before the traffic lights were taken down,

"I mean $55,000 at the cost of two kids that had to be life flighted," said Kempton. "I mean really, that's where we're at?"

Lorain Councilman Dennis Flores said several accidents have taken place because the traffic lights were taken down, and he's calling for a public hearing in September.

"Before we lose another life, I think we should have this meeting as soon as possible," said Flores.

Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer told last week that he is willing to re-examine safety at some the intersections in question in the coming weeks.