Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday at 2 a.m. Set your clocks forward one hour

"Spring forward" one hour for Daylight Saving Time
Posted at 5:00 PM, Mar 10, 2017

I'm already sleepy. Just thinking about it makes me drowsy. Still, I look forward to the change in our lives which will begin Sunday morning at 2 o'clock.  Daylight Saving Time begins in most of the United States at that hour.

It is the time we fiddle with the clocks, advancing them so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer while sacrificing normal sunrise times.  With evening daylight s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, we can have more fun in the sun.  Well, as long as the fun comes during the evening hours.

Daylight Saving Time actually began in Canada in 1908.  It spread from there.  In 1918, the United States picked up the concept.  It is in the Spring, we move forward an hour.  Later in the year, we fall back an hour.  The sleepy-eyed times for many of us will begin Sunday morning when all of a sudden, we are an hour deeper into the day.  If you awaken at 7 o'clock Sunday morning, it will feel as if it is 6 o'clock because that's what it would have been if the clocks had not changed.   This is probably too much information to think about, but I threw it into this story anyway.

I talked with my friend, Justin Madden, about Daylight Saving Time.  He is one of my go-to guys who can offer a comment on almost anything.  "No matter the minute, the second, or the hour, we should cherish time," said Justin. He then paused for a second and then finished his thought.  "Because eventually, you will run out of time," he concluded.

Justin helped me understand this thing about Daylight Saving Time and my worry of losing an hour sleep.  I'm over that now.  I let the worry go because of my friend.   I'm going to cherish the moment and live in it, sleepy or not. Thanks, Justin.  I needed that!

By the way, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and most of Arizona don't follow Daylight Saving Time.  Why, I don't know.  Really, I don't have time to think about it.  All I know is Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 o'clock Sunday morning.  So change your clocks or you will be lost in another time zone for the next few months.