Looking at how television covers the World Series games of Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs

In baseball and TV, the goal is to follow the ball
Posted at 8:11 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 20:13:08-04

The television I watched when I was a kid growing up in Cleveland was a black and white model.  For you youngsters reading this, when I say the model was black and white, I don't mean the color of the cabinet. The screen was that color, although there were many shades of gray.

When I watched the Cleveland Indians on the tube, most of the camera shots were overhead of the batter facing the pitcher. There were other cameras spaced around the ballpark, but far fewer than there are today.  Still, the goal during my childhood was for the camera operators to follow the ball. 

It is the same today.  Click on the attached television story and you will see more of what I mean.   It will take you back in time with television coverage of the Cleveland Indians and bring you through to today where the team is playing the Chicago Cubs for the World Series championship.   You will see how the technology of television has changed, but how the overall goal of covering the game has remained the same.