Sometimes Winter hides its hand, but jumps back in the game at the last minute

Bracing for the return of Winter
Posted at 4:43 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-13 16:50:31-04

Sometimes when you think Winter has retired from the game, the old man climbs back into the ring and announces he is ready to throw more punches of heavy snow and bitter cold.

In this year of a lightweight snowfall, we are learning, as the old heavyweight said, "Winter ain't done yet."

Cleveland and the rest of Northeast Ohio may have thought it could unlace its boxing gloves, but the bell is getting ready to be rung for another round. Old Man Winter, who has just danced a bit for most of the bout, throwing lightweight punches here and there which were just glancing blows appears to have gotten a second wind.

In this corner...

In his corner, in the mid-March rounds of the fight, Winter it seems to have found a new rhythm. We were told the old man was a crafty one who could fake it in the bout as if he had lost his ability to punch. So while we were on cruise control, easing our way through the Winter months and figuring we could hold off the competitor until Spring, the old man was conserving his strength.


Now deep into the fight, here he comes. Winter is still on his toes and dancing like a lightweight. But he is no lightweight.  He is a heavyweight with the ability to punch and counter-punch. The fight strategists in our corner are telling us to bob and weave and keep our chins tucked in, but Winter has long had the ability to slug through that.

Just a reminder. There is still a lot of time to go before the bell rings signaling the end of the seasonal fight.  Spring doesn't seem like a long way off, but if we are getting pummeled by Winter, it will take some fortitude to get through it.

Hope "springs" eternal

This is not to say we are losing the battle. It is just to say Winter still hits hard. The old man in the ring with us still has a knockout punch. We just got to stay away from it, hit back with what we still have left in our tanks, and cover up when the roundhouse punch comes. Also, watch out for Winter's constant jab in our face. 

Just hang on for the bell sounding the end of the bout. Spring will get here. We just have to hold on until it arrives. 

It ain't easy fightin' Winter. 

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