Northeast Ohio travelers are seeking Spirit Airlines refunds after flight cancellations

Refunds sought after Ft. Lauderdale cancellations
Posted at 11:35 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 23:44:50-04

Northeast Ohio travelers are seeking refunds from Spirit Airlines after a series of flight cancellations were generated at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, triggering a melee that resulted in three people being arrested.

Ray Hurtt is just one of dozens of local travelers who believe they should be given refunds after dealing with flight cancellations on May 7.

The numerous Spirit Airlines cancellations were caused by what the airline called a work slowdown by its pilots who continue contract talks with the company.

Messages and phone calls left for Spirit Airlines were not returned. 

"I knew it was going to hit a boiling point," Hurtt said."We asked Spirit can you put me on a flight that goes to a different city, and then book me out of there?  They told me absolutely not.

He believes the airline industry need more federal oversight when it comes to flight cancellations.

"Fees to take your shoes off, fees to put your bag under the seat," Hurtt said. "That's just how crazy the industry has gotten. So since we have to pay all these fees, they should be accountable to us."

However, Cleveland Better Business Bureau President Sue McConnell said it's up to consumers to do their homework.

"Flight cancellations, there are no federal regulations that dictate what the airlines must do," she said. "You might want to take a look at what the airline's policy is if your flight gets canceled because of weather because they don't have a crew."