Woman charged for shooting son-in-law in face at Ashland County home

Posted at 8:42 AM, Mar 24, 2017

An Ashland County woman has been charged with shooting her son-in-law in the face Friday morning.

Elizabeth Sivey, 53,  is charged with felonious assault for shooting her son-in-law in the face as he tried to enter the home following a fight with the woman's daughter. 

The shooting happened at a home on Cherry Alley near South Bridge Street in Perrysville at 7:26 a.m.

Chief Deputy Carl Richert said Jeremy Johnson and the woman's daughter argued overnight inside the home, and the fighting continued outside the house. All three people live at the residence.

Johnson, 36, may have been trying to enter the house when he was shot, Richert said. Investigators said Sivey became "fed up" and fired the gun from inside of the home. The bullet went through a steel door, striking Johnson just below his left eye.

"What's the chances of shooting through a door and hitting somebody in the face?" Richert said. "Go through a steel door that you can't see through."

Lori Zimmerman, who lives on South Bridge Street, heard screaming, handed Johnson towels for the bleeding and dialed 911.

"It was kind of crazy this morning. I was a little shook," Zimmerman said.

Johnson was taken to MedCentral Hospital in Mansfield. He was later transferred by a medical helicopter to a Columbus hospital.

Richert said Sivey will be held in the Ashland County Jail over the weekend and charges may be filed on Monday.