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Prosecutors play Shawn Grate's confession tape during his capital murder trial

Posted at 4:44 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-04 14:11:50-04

On Friday prosecutors played the tape detectives made of Shawn Grate's confession when he was first arrested for allegedly holding a woman hostage in his house for days and sexually assaulting her.

Police say it was Grate's own words that prompted the murder investigation that followed, which included the discovery of two bodies in the home he was occupying.

Grate cried in court when the police interview was played for the jury.

Grate told detectives on the tape that he punched the woman, tied her up and then went to buy cigarettes.

"You talked about how you abducted her. You had sex with her against her will, too, yes or no," a detective asked Grate during the taped interview.

"Yes," Grate said. 

The detective asked Grate what he would call such an act.

"Rape," Grate said.

The woman was eventually able to untie herself while Grate was sleeping and called 911. She was rescued, and he was arrested a short time later.

Another detective asked Grate if he knew who Liz Griffith was and what happened to her. Grate told police he knew her but denied knowing what happened to her. He later changed his story when questioned further.

"Where is she then," the detective said. 

"In a closet," Grate said.

Griffith's body was found where Grate said it would be. During a search of the house, police also discovered the body of Stacey Hicks in the basement under a pile of garbage.

According to authorities, Grate admitted to killing three other women, but those cases remain under investigation.

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