Three credit card skimmers found at gas stations in Ashland County

ASHLAND, Ohio - Three gas station credit card skimmers were recently discovered in Ashland County, according to authorities.

Ashland County sheriff's deputies say the devices were located at three different locations and may have been in use for several months.

Unlike typical skimmers that are placed over credit card readers at gas pumps, these devices were inside the pumps out of view of any customers, deputies said.

The first one was located at Easy Trip gas station, 654 US Route 250. The second one was found at Circle K, 1207 Claremont Avenue, and the third was located at Circle K, 411 East Main Street.

Authorities said the devices could be activated remotely but had a limited range of about 500 feet.

Similar skimmers were found earlier this year in Brook Park.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office at 419-289-3911.

The investigation is ongoing.

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