15-year-old shot, killed in Cleveland Heights

Posted at 11:12 AM, Jun 29, 2017

A community is now in mourning after a young teen was shot in the backyard of a home in Cleveland Heights. 

Kyle Bland Jr. said his friend was shot in a shootout involving a gang, but he doesn't want his friend to be remembered for his death - he wants Dre'eon Gray to be remembered for his life.

Gray, 15, was shot several times on Elbon Road just before 6 p.m. Wednesday, but police found him a block away on Pembrook Road. Gray was taken to University Hospital where he later died.

"He got shot, he got shot three times, he had some beef with some gang," said Bland.

Bland said he and his younger brother were close friends with Dre'eon, who they call Dree. Bland sayd Dree's mother was devastated.

"She don't know what to do, she just keep crying, you can't even get two words out of her," he said. "So I send my condolences to Dree's people, his parents and the whole hood."

He said Dree was like a younger brother to him, and he hopes people remember his positively.

"He was like the life of the party, always had you in a good mood, he was just a fun person to be around," said Bland.

He added that shootings involving teens are all too often in his neighborhood.

"My friend, Mike, just got shot not too long ago, just another day in the hood, that's what happened," he said. 

Police have not released any information on any potential suspects, and no arrests have been made. They said the shooter ran away before they got there.

News 5 will update this story when updates become available.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cleveland Heights Police Department at 216-321-1234 or the CHPD TipLine at 216-291-5010.  Callers can remain anonymous.