15,000 flags honor veterans in Brookpark

Posted at 1:57 PM, May 30, 2016

Priscilla Garrison placed flowers at the grave site of her uncle, Edward Boukair, who served in the army during World War II. 


She showed up to honor his memory and to remember those who fought and died for freedom.


Volunteers placed 15,000 flags at the grave site of veterans at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brook Park.


“He served our country well, they gave us our freedom. Life is so precious and we’re losing so many of our military people and people that go to war everyday. It’s heartbreaking so many young lives lost so quickly,” Garrison said.


Stephen Dembkowski came here to honor his father’s memory, Walter who served in World War II.


He also came to honor those who fought in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on.

He never passes up an opportunity to talk to veterans.


“It’s amazing to talk to them and pick their brains, to find out what really went on and their feelings about everything. It’s history it really is, when you talk to them it's better than a text book,” Dembkowski said.