25 teen finalists reveal personal stories in essay contest for chance to win $40,000 scholarship

CLEVELAND - Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is in the tenth year of its 'Stop the Hate' essay campaign. Students reflect on real-life situations and detailing ways they can make a positive impact on society.

The list of participants has been narrowed down to the top 25.

Over the years, 30,000 youth have competed in this competitive contest.

"It really is a movement to change the world,” Jeffery Allen, Director of Education and Public Programs.

"You have to share your story, so everyone knows it’s not just them,” said Dahlia Moskowitz. "I think that its gonna take more than a stroke of a pen, but a stroke of a pen will start it. You just have to stand up in the moments that you see hate."

“I wrote about my personal experience with sexual assault,” said Peyton Lunder. "Sometimes, people would just rather let it get swept under the rug and let it go unheard and just move on and pretend it never happened."

The essay winner will be announced April 29, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and will receive a $40,000 scholarship.

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