5 things to do in Cleveland when the weather is warm in February

Posted at 8:00 AM, Feb 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 11:00:00-05

Cleveland's winter has been surprisingly warm and when the temperatures rise, Clevelanders take to the occasion to enjoy the warmer activities they normally can't do in February.

1.Cleveland Cultural Gardens:

Take a walk into Cleveland's cultural history by walking through the gardens that show off Cleveland's 120 distinct ethnic groups. The 254 acres of the gardens span over Rockefeller Park and parts of University Circle. Throughout the gardens, statues of Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Confucius are situated along the park. There is a lot of activity in the park from jogging, walking, and bike riding to taking pictures and reading about the ethnic history in Cleveland. The proximity to University Circle allows you to take advantage of the Cleveland Museum of Art and dining options.

2. Take a ride with UH Bike Share:

If you're not sure where you want to go, but getting outside is in your plans then exploring the city via bike is a great way to go. There are 100 bikes spread out over 10 bike stations. Rates vary from pay as you go at $3.50 to $15 for a full month. No matter where you're at in the city, a bike station is nearby. Some of the locations include Happy Dog, Platform Brewery, and W. 9th and St. Clair. Get out and enjoy the fresh air and discover a part of the city that is only visible outside the car.

Credit:  UH Bikes

3.Cleveland Cycle Tour:   One activity for a large group of people is cycling through the various parts of Ohio City and Tremont on one big bike. Need some bonding time with new a team or just want to have a good time together? The Cleveland Cycle Tour is the activity for you. Guests can pedal to different pubs and stops along the way. The larger the group will give everyone a better price. 

Credit: Cleveland Cycle Tour

4. We all scream for ice cream: Hot or cold, rain or shine, everyone loves ice cream. But when the weather breaks, ice cream tastes a little bit better. What better way to enjoy ice cream than at the locally born and made Mitchell's Ice Cream. Seasonal flavors include Amaretto Cookie, Turtle Brownie and Tiramisu, just to name a few. After you get your ice cream, you can talk a walk along Edgewater Park or a stroll around Ohio City.

Credit: Mitchell's

5.Little Italy: Most people know about Little Italy and what it has to offer, but it's during the cold, winter months that walkable neighborhoods such as Little Italy are often forgotten. In this ethnic and historic neighborhood, visitors can have an authentic Italian meal at the many restaurants and pizzerias eat pastries at Corbos andPrestis Bakery. Cigar shops, clothing boutiques, and art galleries line the brick streets. Come out to this culturally rich neighborhood for homemade cannoli, a slice of Sicilian pizza, or a glass of Chianti wine.